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Twin Cities Swiss American Association (TCSAA)
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Message   from   the   President Welcome to the Twin Cities Swiss American Association web portal! Your interest in the Swiss-American community is very much appreciated! May I introduce you to our fine organization? Building a vibrant community : I am very happy to report that our Twin Cities Swiss  American Association is alive and well four decades since it was first incorporated! Our  membership consists of 160 households with 277 adults and 129 children. 406 strong, our  membership has reached a new high mark, if not even an all-time record! We had the  pleasure of adding 10 households just this past year alone! Throughout these forty-one years,  many families and individuals have chosen not only to become part of our Swiss-American  community, but have stepped up to the plate and given their all to building and fortifying this  community.  Four decades ago, a group of visionaries and pioneers chose to gather to lay a solid  foundation for a community that has transcended various eras and gave it the charge to:     • provide an opportunity for closer association of Swiss and friends of Switzerland in the Twin Cities area     • cultivate Swiss and old world traditions, culture and sociability     • foster Swiss-American friendship, cultural exchange and international goodwill I am pleased to report that we have stayed faithful to this charge and have all intentions to continue to do so in the coming years and beyond. Besides five social events and maintaining this website, the TCSAA facilitates a Facebook Community Page –  www.facebook.com/TCSAA , publishes one or two newsletters, closely collaborates with the Swiss Benevolent Society of St. Paul during the annual Festival of Nations, develops a relationship with the Germanic  American Institute, offers a selection of delectable cheeses during our annual cheese event in late November  and   leverages   the   membership   on   the   Council   of   the   Swiss   Abroad. Your involvement : Building a vibrant community depends heavily on all stakeholders. This  organization truly is, to echo and to borrow from Abraham Lincoln,  “of the people, by the  people, for the people.”  The TCSAA is of its stakeholders, by its stakeholders, and for its  stakeholders! Whether you are a current member, a former member or someone interested in our association’s activities, I cordially invite you to join us at one of our signature events! Thanks again for your interest in the Twin Cities Swiss American Association! I am looking forward to hearing from you! In your service,   David W. Mörker President – Twin   Cities   Swiss   American   Association   ( www.tcsaa.us ) U.S.   Midwest   Delegate – Council   of   the   Swiss   Abroad   ( www.aso.ch ) Dear   fellow   Swiss   and   Friend   of   Switzerland,