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Twin Cities Swiss American Association (TCSAA)
Willkommen - Bienvenue - Benvenuti - Bainvegni - Welcome
The story of the founding of the TCSAA The idea was brought up during the party at the North Star Hotel in summer 1971, given by the counsel General from Chicago, Mr. Manz and his wife. About fifty persons attended and took the opportunity to meet their compatriots. The matter was further discussed at the following First of August Picnic at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. E. Maeder. There was almost a year of an "official pause" until June 9, 1972, on which we gathered at the Marriot Inn to celebrate the appointment of the new Honorary' Consul of the Twin Cities, Mr. Peter May. He was introduced by the Consul General, Mr. Manz. Then Mr. E. Huessy took the stand and related briefly to the results of a questionnaire previously sent to the Swiss living in the Twin Cities. It indicated a great interest and support for an official Swiss community in the Twin Cities Area. The response showed further, that the new club should be Swiss-American type with social character. Dr. Alfred Aeppli made the motion from the floor that a Swiss-American society should be formed and he was seconded by: Mr. Ernie Haller. A vote was taken and the motion was carried. After a short deliberation a nominating committee was appointed. The appointees were:   Honorary Consul Mr. Peter May   Mr. Edward Maeder   Mrs. Ann Berger and Ms. Paula Fluck    Mr. E. Huessy and Mr. Franz Raetzer With Swiss Laendler music, an after-dinner dancing and impromptu old song from the homeland the nice evening at the Marriot Inn was ended. The nominating committee worked out a ballot paper of nominees, two for each of the seven board positions. The ballot was taken by mail. On July 29, a 1st of August Picnic was held at Ski Tonka Lodge in Wayzata in honor of our homeland. After more than hundred members of the Swiss community had arrived, Mr. Eric Huessy made a brief welcome and asked Mr. Raetzer to announce the result of the ballot. The first officers of the new Swiss- American Society were: Chairman  Mr. E. Huessy  Vice-Chairman  Mr. W. Schrepfer Secretary  Mrs. A. Raetzer Treasurer  Mrs. L. Maeder Social Director  Mrs. A. Berger Food & Beverages:  Mr. B. Tanner Youth & Sport  Mr. Ruedi Gutman Then the Honorary Consul, Mr. Peter May, presented the committee members. August 15, 1972 Annelies Raetzer (special thanks to Lony Maeder for this manuscript)